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Our Approach
& Process

Our Approach

El Camino Wealth Management is a boutique wealth and financial management firm.  We are dedicated to competently and ethically guiding our clients towards their financial goals.  It all starts with the construction of a financial plan that is unique and special to you.  Planning is an evolving process and not a singular event, and over time your plan will grow in clarity, purpose, and meaning.  Additionally, we want to simplify the financial lives of our clients by managing their investments and helping them build portfolios that have been constructed to specifically achieve their personal goals.  It all works cohesively together!  Lastly, we want to do this work with a well-balanced approach between living fully today and planning intelligently for tomorrow.  Here is our process. 

The El Camino Process


This is the first part of establishing a partnership, so be prepared! In this phase we will identify your goals, priorities, preferences, as well as potential obstacles. Along with this, we will mutually establish what your expectations are for us and whether an ongoing partnership is the right fit. 

When making such an important decision, it is preferred to have this consultation face-to-face however we can have a ZOOM meeting.  After all, you are entrusting us with your future. 


During this meeting, we listen to your “story” and help clarify and prioritize those things you wish to most achieve in life. There is no cost to you at this stage as you try to discern our abilities and develop confidence in us.   


Once we have defined what our clients want in life and why it is important to them, we assist them in answering the question of “how” to align their finances in support of their goals and we move onto the assessment stage of the process.  



Based on our consultation meeting, we now want to take a deeper dive into your situation. During this session we can begin to sketch a preliminary plan as we engage in a more comprehensive discussion about your personal and financial goals. The more open this phase is, the more detailed your plan can be. 

At the conclusion of the assessment meeting, you will know if El Camino Wealth Management is the best choice to partner with in securing your financial future.  This time we spend together will arm you with the information you need to make a sound decision.  It could be life changing. 


Mitigate Risk

Based on prior discussions is it now time to navigate through a wide variety of investments. We create a plan that is specific to your personal goals, there is no one-size-fits-all. This plan will address the areas that are of greatest importance to you: retirement savings, early investment options, risk management, insurance, first time home ownership, estate planning, and the steps needed to conquer each obstacle. We will meet with you to present an analysis and discuss our recommendations. 



At this stage, we fund the accounts via cash or transfers of existing accounts. We will keep you informed of the process.  Once the assets are received, we implement the recommendations and monitor your progress. From here, we will plan regular meetings with you to assess the progress toward your goals and, when necessary, we will make adjustments to your financial plan. 



This step is all about the journey. Your priorities and goals will inevitably shift through time which is why we are here to proactively prepare your plan. We embrace change. As your life circumstances facilitate a different approach to financial planning, wealth management, and savings options, we will be a constant presence to ensure that your plan transitions along with you. 


Ongoing Aid and Advice   

There are many things that take place in this stage. Investment Reviews including portfolio re-weighting/tax management strategies/asset allocation. We will talk about investment portfolio performance. We will have annual financial plan reviews including “stress testing” to ensure exposure to various risks are understood and managed. 

We are available to help advise and counsel you regarding wise choices in all areas of your financial lives. 

We are here to monitor your Financial Journey and to celebrate your progress. We will review your financial narrative, investments, cash flow, insurance, estate and charitable giving to make sure your financial life continues to reflect your deepest aspirations.  

*LPL Financial does not provide tax advice. Clients should consult with their personal tax advisors regarding the tax consequences of investing. 

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