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At El Camino Wealth Management, we exist to add value and help our clients by providing objective fiduciary advice to help you thrive and live a purposeful, meaningful and happy life.  We place your priorities first in everything that we do and concentrate on working towards maintaining and growing your wealth and life satisfaction. We’re first and foremost in the relationship business and combine extensive experience in the financial services industry with a commitment to understanding your values and goals.  None of the services we offer are limited to propriety products or corporate constraints, and we are committed to finding the best possible solution for each client. 

As a firm, our values are driven by a passion for family, health, financial independence, education, mindfulness, and making a positive impact on our clients' lives. 

We stand by our declaration of independence and sit on your side of the table. We always look after your best interests, guided by an honest assessment of your needs and goals. Your agenda is our compass. 

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